Commercial Disinfection Service

Microbe USA is a commercial disinfection service that has been in the works for many years.  We are here to help your business protect your patrons from harmful viruses and bacteria.  Our flexibility in the industry makes us one of the fastest up and coming brands on the market.

Full Service

Many people decide that they would rather not worry about keeping a place to store the equipment or keep chemicals in stock.  For these people, we offer a full-service option.  Our highly qualified staff is prepared to come out and visit you on-site to help you understand the commercial disinfection service costs associated with our practices.

Do It Yourself

Let us help outfit your business with the necessary supplies to keep your business virus and bacteria free. We can help assess which sprayers are most effective for the size space you are looking to protect.  Once you are outfitted we are here to help train your staff. 

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As we continue to build our site more options will be available. For the time being reach out to us for more info!