Commercial Sanitizing Solutions

Microbe USA provides effective, proven, easy-to-use, and environmentally-friendly antimicrobial commercial sanitizing solutions that can help create a safer and healthier environment for customers and employees

Cleaner & Safer

Reduce microbial loads throughout an entire facility

Easy To Use

State of the art spray technology that can be activated by the press of a button

Environmentally Friendly

Chemistry is gentle to humans and animals, non-corrosive, non-leaching, and can protect surfaces from harmful microbes! Replace current sanitization chemicals with an environmentally friendly alternative.


Disinfecting Solutions

A company born in a time of need and concern. While our name may be fresh our formula and experience is anything but.  The Microbe USA formula dates back to 1971 and holds multiple cirtifications.

How does it work?

The simplest analogy is that antimicrobial “pins” are formed on the surface that are positively charged and as a result of this charge, the negatively charged molecular structure of microorganisms are attracted to the “pins” and the cell wall and membrane is lysed; the pathogen is then killed and the process continues.


What We Offer

Long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology is the solution you hadn’t realized had been invented! Microbe USA provides cost effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection which is effective against a wide range of disease-causing bacteria.

Just as important as the formula itself are our delivery system.  There are two way primary ways to apply our formula to surfaces. 

Advanced Antimicrobial Tech

Long-lasting and non-toxic formula that is safe.                                                    

Large Format Delivery Systems

If your goal is to cover a lot of space or disinfect in a rapid manor then our large format delivery systems are right for you.

Small Format Delivery Systems

If your goal is to take care of smaller space such as cars or maybe the speed of delivery isn’t as important, then try our small format delivery systems.


A Commercial Sanitizing Solution for Every Industry

In business there are very few certainties but there is one that is undeniable and that is the safety of our employees and customers.  Regardless of the vertical we serve or the space we use, ensuring the safety of our people will always be #1. 

If you have questions about how our product can be applied to your industry please give us a call.  We are happy to brainstorm with you in developing creative ways to fit your need. 


Industries we currently serve. 

  • Emergency Service and First Responders
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Ships
  • Car Rental / Wash
  • Auto Mechanics and Dealerships
  • Distribution Centres
  • Facilities and Office Spaces
  • Food (Manufacturing, Packaging, Processing, Storage)
  • Healthcare (Assisted Living Centers)
  • Detention Centers / Jails
  • Etc.

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