Commercial Sanitizing Services

Microbe-USA Now Offering On-Site Health and Wellness Treatment without breaking the bank!

Trying to navigate the amount of information over this past year is sure to send you into a spiral wondering what’s right and what’s wrong. We have seen over and over again clients doing whatever they could to protect their staff and patrons in their facilities.

Of course, this situation has put many of us on edge getting so much information that even spending large amounts of dollars to have our facilities disinfected ultimately was a bandage on an open wound that needed to be cleaned and redone every week or the infection would come back.

Let us be clear, there are lots of companies that have done a fantastic job Disinfecting our locations and offer a service they can be proud of using proper chemistry and application methods.  On the other hand, we find many companies that have taken advantage of the current situation using chemistry that is sure to corrode your environment leaving surfaces looking and feeling messy and sticky or UVC Lighting that is un-affective on porous surfaces and will harm all Poly Plastics not to mention the harmful effect on Humans, pets and environments when used improperly.

What makes Microbe-USA, Inc stand out above all others

With regards to the EPA, Our Z-71 Micro-Shield is classified as a protectant and has not been eligible for list N certification in the United States.  Prior to the very end of last year, the EPA had never issued any standard or pathway for certification for protectants to make specific claims needed to be granted List N certification.  List N chemistries and other disinfection methods only work while active on the surface.  In the case of chemistries, the molecules are consumed and rendered inactive once dry.  For other methods such as UV, once the light is removed from the surface, microbes can immediately begin to recolonize.  A protectant is designed to prevent that from occurring and provide an anti-microbial barrier until the next time you clean.

Due to the pandemic and an overwhelming body of evidence showing efficacy, the EPA provided a pathway to make claims at the end of last year.  Z-71 Micro-Shield has testing showing that it meets the efficacy requirements against a variety of microbes, (including COVID) and has applied for EPA approval through this program.  Additionally, they had reapplied for List N certification given that their results met, and in many cases, exceed the performance of current List N products for immediate reduction in microbe claims.  Not only is our Z-71 safe and Non-Toxic but we have close to 100 Studies, Approvals, Certifications to back our claims!

Microbe-USA, Inc. Delivery System is state of the art new Technology!


Our Antimicrobial Surface Protectant is applied using Cyclonic Air through a highly efficient system called NovaSentry. The NovaSentry allows us to apply that final step after a regular cleaning or janitorial service your location has done well before the Covid situation. Once your surface is cleaned, we come in.  Best practices are to continue cleaning as you have always done and apply the protectant afterwards.  Many of the cleaners you have always used are List N approved as they are designed to seek out and remove the same chemical groups shared by microbes.  Once you have cleaned, you apply a protectant to inhibit the deposit, growth, and colonization of microbes on the surface.  The lasting bond of the protectant provides antimicrobial protection for the 99.9%+ time between cleanings or other methods of disinfection.


Advantages of Partnering with Microbe-USA, Inc.


  • Health and Wellness, we have a team of Companies and Biologist behind us!
  • Treat every Client like family.
  • Take the time to understand your needs and concerns.
  • Will never make claims without FACTUAL information and Studies.
  • Supply you the information needed to communicate to your staff.
  • Pricing- Our delivery system is so efficient, effective that in previous clients we have found to be 50% to 70% more cost efficient to you!


What is Z-71TM Microbe Shield?


  • Non-toxic, water-based disinfectant
    • Kills germs on contact by physically puncturing bacteria, viruses, and fungi
    • Forms a protective barrier on surfaces after dry for up to 30 days with a single application • Over a decade of research proving efficacy


What does our commercial sanitizing service protect against?


Kills 99.99% of germs immediately.


4-Log reduction of coronavirus*


ASFv and other critical food animal pathogens


Over 160 human pathogens and viruses


Is it safe for people and animals? YES!


  • Rated “Food Safe” around the world
    • Less toxic than Vitamin C**
    • Does not poison if consumed
    • No possibility of bacteria or viruses building immunity or resistance—no microbial mutation contributing to Super Bugs.
  • Safe to apply to surfaces including papers, printers, computer screens, and keyboards with no sticky film


*Toxicity of core technology on an LD50 basis
**Tested with a feline coronavirus type strain known to be the working surrogate for COVID-19
EPA Reg. No 83129-1-90830 EPA Est. 66428-SC-1


What does it do?
• Disinfects:
Protective barrier kills germs and does not allow germs to grow.
• Controls odor: No germs, less smell
• Prevents resistance: Punctures pathogens instead of dehydrating them with chemicals which prevents germs from developing resistance


Figure 1: Visual of Zoono’s physical spikes puncturing through the cells, as seen through this electron microscope image.




Health Care, Nursing Homes, Schools, Trains, Air Planes, Public Transportation, Restaurants, Homes, Autos, Office, Warehouse, Grocery Stores, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Dental, Police, Village Halls, Fire Stations, College Campus, Sporting Teams, Locker Rooms, Workout centers, Coffee Shops, Gas Stations, Vending Machines, Manufacturing, Auto Dealers, The application opportunities are endless.


Fast Fact:


Only 5% of people properly wash their hands long enough to kill infection-causing germs.