Disinfectant Spray for Schools

Microbe USA Inc. is the premier disinfectant and sanitation company in the northwest. We specialize in disinfection, sanitation, and cleaning for commercial and public spaces. We offer disinfectant spray for schools, educational facilities, and recreational facilities. Our team of highly qualified individuals will come out to your location or space, give you a proper diagnosis, discuss costs, and then proceed to make the space a cleaner and healthier environment for all who enter. Schools can become a potential health hazard because there are hundreds of children roaming throughout! With our special disinfectant spray for schools, you can be confident in sending off your children to school, knowing they are protected from harmful viruses and bacteria. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our disinfectant services, please visit the Contact Us page on our website or call us at 630-868-2673, and we will be happy to help!